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Somewhere on Turtle Island

"The map is a political abstract grid" - Hakim Bey

"The map is not the territory" - Jorge Luis Borges


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The Visitor and the Natives

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You are the first of the Cadillac

Sancha says: 

" Now, Donna. Is there in your library a book called You are the first of the Cadillac?  That would be great because this way we could just read it and then copy it. Isn't it what Don Quixote used to doing? Reading chevalry books and then being a chevalry himself?"

Donna replies

"Yes, Sancha. Don Quixote even is a reader of his own story, as he finds a book that narrates its own adventures. Which makes the copy infinite!  As we are going on an adventure on what we believe is Turtle Island, we shall reproduce stories again, made out of a bit of this, and a bit of that."

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Here be Dragons


 Here we go.


James Baldwin (one of Donna’s heroes), teaches us, in one of his essay, that America also used to being refered to as the land of Dragons.


“Ancient maps of the world– when the world was flat–inform us, concerning that void where America was waiting to be discovered, HERE BE DRAGONS”.


In history, specifically in exploration of the world, maps would have large areas where there was no information. In ancient times these areas were said to be homes of mythical beasts, and since people never went there and had no knowledge of what was there, they said that this was the home of the Dragon.


Baldwin extends this idea of physical unknowns to other types of unknowns. In that specific essay Here be Dragons, he asserts that all of us are androgynous, within every person there is the opposite. Man in woman, woman in man, black in white, white in black. The things we fear are the things present inside ourselves that we wish were not.


James Baldwin, we love you.


Donna and Sancha. 



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Cadillac Symphony

Donna Donna Donna Donna

Donna Donna Donna Don

You usurped the heraldry that once has been stolen already

From a noble French Family

to a fur trader founder of Detroit 

to a luxury car company,

on Turtle island

The little ducks escape 

The colors remain but not quite

Play again with good old lousy Cadillac

A new vehicle, a new Rocinante






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