posted 31/10/2015 -  00h38


posted 27/10/2015 -  17h42

Running story


posted 26/10/2015 -  22h22

Good night Sleep tight

posted 25/10/2015 -  22h58

Biological beauty

As you were a kid

You could feel the beach as it was

You were the beach 

Now I, you, we

Can only see it invaded by grapefruits


posted 24/10/2015 -  23h15

A very modest tribute to Dana Levin

You need a grapefruit

I peel up a grapefruit for you

Thinking you should eat one every morning

You eat it

As I eat it,,,,,,,,,

I feel the engine empowering

I see the grapefruit and I see you

And I don't know which one of you is a pumpkin or a bouncing ball



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