posted 23/10/2015 -  23h23

Nothing like the imaginary thanks to reality

As we start carving pumpkins

We ask 

Where did the car go

It is time to start new stories

While the Once upon a time is still running

posted 19/10/2015 -  14h30

You are the last of the Cadillac





posted 19/10/2015 -  00h33

Volume 1

"It is not things themselves that torment humans, but opinions they shape up on things."

"Ce ne sont pas les choses elles-mêmes qui tourmentent les hommes, mais les opinions qu'ils forment sur les choses"


Epictète, Encheiridion



posted 17/10/2015 -  02h22

fetish or commodity

Do not confuse:

The cadillac I dream about in the air


the cadillac that is a commodity even in the air (at least at the airport)


posted 15/10/2015 -  01h50

Osage Oranges

I washed a load of clothes

and hung them out to dry

Then I went down to town

and busied myself all day

It is getting late for me now

For you too

Tomorrow it will be early

I will change my clothes and my phone

And go down to town

And carve pumpkins

so they look like the grapefruit you have for breakfast

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