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Hunting, looking, being deeply involved. 

But, as I arrived on Turtle Island - and don't get me wrong, this is one of North America real name, not a fantasy, not a pure play of the mind, this is a name the natives would give to their land. So as I arrived on Turtle Island, my strength suddenly fell apart. The enormity of the cars, their tremendous presence made me feel fright. Not having a car makes you feel bare and fragile. Car is power. It is the embodiment of this country, it is the continuity of the body. 

Thus, it is, also, the embodiment of fragility. The desire to be invicible cannot sustain itself. Cars are conquerors but also the conquered. Masters and slaves. Dominators and dominated. America and Turtle Island. 

Fragility is everywhere, hidden behind the mega giga turtle's shell. 

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Day 5


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Believe it or not

This is Donna's neighborhood right now.

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Day 3 without car in North America

He shoots them from his car.

He kills them from his car.


He gets out of his car and shoots them.

He hides behind his car to shoot them.


He hits them with his car ;

Runs them down with his car ;

Runs over them with his car.


He ties them to the car.

He throws them into the trunk of the car.

He puts them tied in bags in the backseat of the car.

His car is auto-mobil, and the shift is auto-matic,

but he  steers it,

and causes it to chase them or to hit them,

or he shoots them from his car.


Jimmie Durham, “ A Chant for deers and antelopes”, The White Man’s car, in A Certain Lack of coherence

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