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Hélène Baril is a Paris-based artist who works in multiple mediums including painting, installation and performance art. After getting an MA in literature, she quit her job teaching French to study art. Moving to Finland, she began a career painting houses. In 2011, she developed a tale involving racecars. She created Orlandus Gallery, inspired by a fictional Finnish painter and racing car driver from the early 1800s. The artist also served as inspiration for SBK, an autonomous organization Hélène founded in 2012, which used her repainted car for meetings and as a working tool. Baril has exhibited in numerous venues in Finland, France, Switzerland, United States and Colombia and her collaborative performance works have been presented at locations such as WIELS (Brussels, Belgium), Cooper Union (NYC), and New York University. In 2015 she presented her first solo exhibition at Museum Blue, Saint Louis, Missouri.

Baril always invents unexpected ways to express humor through the collision of reality and fiction. Her art is an adventure.