The Burden of Dreams,  watercolor and pencil on paper, 56 x 76 cm, 2014




Donna Quixote is an imaginary institution (but also a person, a vehicle and the embodiment of real and imaginary people) that aims at observing the real prosaic world and creating imaginary movements within it.  As they are intertwined flows, they affect each other.


Donna Quixote has a fluid identity, is autonomous and nomad.


Donna Quixote’s birth crystallization happened in Paros, Greece, during summer 2015. Born as a fictitious character wishing to copy Don Quixote on the other side of the gender, she wishes to rehabilitate nomadism. Like Jorge Luis Borges and many other writers, she believes in amazement and wonder rather than in truth.


Donna Quixote is an original idea by artist Hélène Baril.

This website is an online public secrete, devoted to her adventures, creations, investigations, one side of the multiplicity.